Every now and then all of us get asked about what gift we would want for our birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, so on. And we always have a problem coming up with an immediate answer, don't we? Now all you need to do is provide a quick link to your gift list your friends can choose from!

It's very easy to start creating your own gift list.

Step 1

Log in using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.
No boring sign-up forms or questions.

Step 2

Create a list and fill it out with gifts.
You will have 2 types of links to your list. First one allows to view your list, the other one allows your friends to select a gift/gifts to give to you.

Step 3

Share the list with your friends.
They will be able to select what gift to give to you. Once gift has been selected from list by someone it will be marked as "taken".